On the morning of the Time Trial the weather was not good with heavy rain overnight, and it was still raining, but the race did not start until late afternoon. I did not have a good sleep, because we traveled to Belgium by car and there was an accident on the motorway. I was unable to try the circuit before the race due to other races going on, which made it very had for me to do a Time Trial on a course I did not know.

I was one of the last riders to go as I am 3rd overall in the General Classification. The count down started and I was off, the course was still wet and slippy and I started off steady. There were lots of sharp corners and 3 climbs which made things harder. The Time Trial was only a short 10km one, which meant a full on sprint to the line. I didn’t feel to good halfway round and my heart rate was higher than normal for me, but I still managed to get 4th place, and only 1.5 seconds of the podium. Maybe if I could afford the correct wheels I would have won!