I traveled to Switzerland from Manchester airport on the Friday, this time there was no problems with bike at the airport. Transport at the other end from the airport to the hotel was smooth, and the weather was looking good for the weekend. The time trial did not start until late afternoon, so there was a lot of sitting around looking at the bike and waiting.

After a spot of lunch I took a steady ride to the start area with Rob, a rider from the UK. The weather started to look a bit dull and just when we arrived at the start it began to spit with rain so we go off the bikes and placed them under cover. We were told to have our bikes inspected at the start, which was normal, but we were not told that the bike inspection was 10 minutes up the road which we had passed on the way to the start. So we had to get back on the bikes, now in the heavy rain, to the bike inspection. It was more than a few minutes ride as we were unsure where it was.

After having the bike inspection we made our way back to the start, by this time it had stopped raining and was now hot and sunny again. Rob was off 30 minutes before me so after a warm-up he went to the start line and I continued my warm-up with a couple of my Handbike CR Team mates until it was time for me. I was setting of at 17:55, with 2 of my teammates in front of me giving me a good target to chase down along the course. The time trial course went around a large lake back through the town, then to the finish where we had started.

The clock counted down and I was off, I built up my speed and cadence until my heart rate was in the 170bpm zone. The course was flat most the way with a couple of small climbs and some sharp turns. There was a strong head wind in parts, which made things go a bit slower (even down hill). I managed to catch my teammates who set off before me and several other riders who set off many minutes before I did. I lost a bit of time in one part of the course because I did not see the sharp left turn and went straight on just missing someone standing in front of me. I put the brakes on hard and the bike skidded along the road sideways towards him (good job he jumped out of the way). The rest of the race went without incident which makes a change this season, when I came over the finish line I looked at the clock and it showed 34:42 which was a good time. This put me 6th over all in the C division.

The C division for the past few years was split into C1 and C2, this was because the C2 riders kneeled on the bike giving them a clear advantage with speed and power. The C1 riders, which was me have there legs stretched out in front of them (which you have seen in pictures before). But due to the UCI wanting to make fewer divisions it was decided this year it would be one big C Division. Soon we hope everyone will be in the long seat position with there legs out in front so making it fair for everyone as we will all be riding in the same position. If it was still the old C1 and C2, I would have been on the podium again in 3rd place, but I was only about 5 seconds of the podium even though its now one C Division so not too bad I guess.