I flew to Louny in the Czech Republic two days before the road race, this is where I train with my team through the year so I know the circuit very well.

My training prior to the race went well with no problems with the flight and bike. On the morning of the race the weather was good, and not too warm. I started my warm-up to the start line with my training partner Chris, I was on the front line on the start grid so had a good start with no slow riders getting in the way.

3,2,1, the gun went off and I pushed hard, but as I pushed my left crank moved part way around and stopped!. This put my cranks off set, which made it almost impossible to push. I was able to stay with the group until the last couple of miles. My left arm started to cramp a lot due to the extra work it was doing (Most of the work) because I was not able to get any power through the right arm and crank. Due to this problem with the crank I was only able to come in 5th place, which is a shame as I had won the C division last year, and its one of the only times I get to race against my team mates due to all the divisions going off a once from the gun.