I traveled to Louny in the Czech Republic 2 days before to race to ride around the course again, this was a race I had done with my Czech Team Handbike cr many times over the years. The weather was not bad warm with a couple of thunderstorms along the way (Just like being home again). I started to unpack my Handbike ready for a bit of training and found my left rear wheel was very loose. I had a closer look and found that the boss that sits inside the frame was damaged very badly. This means the wheel just wobbles a lot, and could come off.

That was it I thought my race over before it starts, Chris who was racing with me from the UK and made the bike tried his best to fix the problem, but it was impossible to do. I woke up the morning of the race, and after a long chat with Chris decided to give it ago as I had nothing to lose. We both took a steady ride to the start which was 30 minutes away, but my left rear wheel hit a pt hole and caused the drafting bar some how to flip up onto the wheels and cause them to lock and skid along the road to a stop. I shouted Chris to stop but he did not hear me, luckily there was a man walking along the lane and with my few words of Czech I got the man to knock the drafting bar down to release the wheels. Chris had waited for me further up the road (as he realised he was talking to himself), but due to this we had to ride very fast to the start because of the time we had lost. We had to ride that fast that our heart rate hit 180 bpm, not the best steady warm-up we had planed. We mad it to the start with seconds to go, I was sitting on the start with my heart racing. The gun went and I made my way to the front to give myself more room to move. There are only two places to attack and make a brake both on hills, the first close to the start and the second right at the end. One of the riders John Vink made a brake on the first hill, no one followed so I pulled out from the pack and chased after John. Because I had made a move everyone followed me, I closed the gap on the decent doing over 36 mph. John Vink dropped to the back of the group and I stayed on the front riding at over 30 mph, I moved across several times and shouted at one of my team to come through and do some work, but no one did. Just before we turned off the main roads John Vink came to the front and nodded at me to sit behind him. This was a tactical move because when the group entered the narrow lanes it would be one of the last overtaking places on the course. We made the sharp right hand turn into the lanes, I was in second place a good position. But to my surprise two of my team mates cut in on the inside across the grass verge hitting my front wheel at speed I had to take evasive action to avoid a very big crash, this resulted in me crashing in the ditch on the left ending my race just 3 Km from the finish and finishing of my rear axle for good.