I went to London on the Friday to take part in the opening of the Tour de France, which was Live on ITV4 and Eurosport. After a bit of a practice run, the GB handcycling team was called on stage. I was the one being asked all the questions to represent the team. I was asked about who I was, and what races we were doing over the weekend in London. As we were going back to our cars people were asking to take photos, and we were filmed by another TV crew.

The first race on the Saturday was a Time Trial at a new race circuit in Deal Kent. This was an International World Cup Event. There were riders from all over the World, including USA, Australia, New Zealand, and all over Europe.

The riders went off at 1 minute intervals, it was my turn to go, I started off steady and got into my zone, I managed to pass several riders who went of before me including one of my team mates who went off 6 minutes ahead of me. It was a 35km race, which meant we had to do 10 laps, which seemed very long towards the end! I came over the finish line in 59 minutes, which put me into 2nd place, but this meant I had to win the road race the next day because both races were combined points.

On the Sunday morning I made my way into the centre of London ready for the road race, on the same part of the circuit the the Tour Riders did on the Prologue the day before. When it was our turn to get on the course to start our race, there was a problem in the race before ours due to a crash. This meant that we were not able to warm up, and we did not get to ride over the course, which we had not yet seen. I started at the back of the group because I could not get through the crowds of people in time to take my position near the front. The gun went and we started our 45 minute + 1 lap race, everyone went of steady I guess because no one had warmed-up or seen the course.

I stayed at the back of the group, until I knew the course better. I made my way through the pack of riders, but the front riders kicked hard and the pace went to a sprint, we were doing 30mph on a short climb! This happened several times to try and split the group. On the last time two riders mad a gap, so I came from the back and sprinted hard to pass them, at this point some of the others got on my wheel and we split the group down to a 5 man split, which included myself. The pace was very fast for the last few laps, but I was able to get away and make a brake to stay out at the front. I had made the right move and stayed out to win the C1 division overall. I had won my first big race of the season, and I had done it in London on the same course as the Pro Riders and Teams of the Tour de France.