In the afternoon I had to race again, I managed to fix the bike with the help of Chris, and my arm had bad road rash and was still bleeding lots.

After a good rest and food at the hotel, I started to warm-up again on the Criterium course. This course is short and very fast with lots of climbs and very sharp corners. The start was fast again, and I got caught up with another rider at the start so had to stop to prevent a crash at the very start. I had to work very hard to get back with the group again, and my arm was hurting a lot from the Time Trial. I dropped my riders on one of the climbs and worked alone which was better for me due the sharp corners, because I find it hard to get round them in a group. One of my team mates from Handbike cr had a very bad crash into the corner before the start/ finish line. He hit the curb hard and his helmet split in half due to the force of the impact. He had to go to hospital and have 9 stitches in his head and his nose was broke. I was tired towards the end, and the race was over a 1 hour duration, I looked at the time as I passed over the start / finish line, it said 1 hour 1 minute. But still on bell, I went round again, and this time I heard the bell ring for the final lap. Thank god it was the last one I don’t think I could have done anymore. I came 6th in the Criterium, which was good for me out of 26 riders,I am happy with that because the course is very hard.