Chris Madden and myself flew out to the Czech Republic on the 25th June, so we could train on the course as we do every year. The weather was warm but lots of storms all week and hard winds.

We put the bikes together and went out on the course, the wind was very strong on the course, our speed on the way down to the first turn was around 30mph with no effort. But on the way back up the course our speed was half this due to the strong winds across the course.

On Saturday morning it was still windy but dry and warm. I started my warm-up on the course, and I was off at 10:46am. I went to the start line, 3,2,1 I was off again, I know the course very well so I was able to pace myself down to the first turn. I passed many riders along the way as we were setting off at 30 second intervals. It was hard riding back up the course due to the wind and the open areas the course went through. Everything was good up to the last left turn into the finish area, I was riding at over 30mph put my brake on at the last minute, but it did not work and I could not slow down in time. I came out of my bike and was dragged along the road with my right arm on the road. I got back into the bike and sprinted hard over the last 100 yards.

My arm was bleeding a lot, and my bike took a bash also. Even though I crashed I still came 5th and was only 2 seconds off, shame I could not stay on the bike.