The day of the Time Trial, this is what I was waiting for, Time Trials are good for me. The weather was very hot again which made it harder, I looked at the handle on the bike and made sure it was tight on. I got my race kit on and went to the start with the other GB lads, they were off before me because they were racing in the B division and I was in the C. I watched them go off first and I went to do my warm-up for about 40 minutes, after I had warmed-up I went back to the start and watched Rob come in from his ride. I asked him what the course was like as we were not able to train on the course before the Time Trial, he said it was fast, technical in places and had some climbs. I went up to the ramp ready for my turn, the riders were going off at 1 minute intervals. It was my turn, 3,2,1 off I went round the corner, in front of me was a lead motorbike.

I started of steady and got my speed and heart rate up, I was now in my zone for a Time Trial. I kept my speed around 22mph and recovered into the corners. I passed 3 riders on the way, but 4Km to the finish my handle came off again. I had to slow right down and put it back on, I thought it was race over.

I put more power through my other handle so the one that was broke stayed on to the finish. I crossed the line but did not know my time as I did not stop my clock in time when I was passed the finish line. I had to get back to the hotel because we were going home after the race. As I was packing my bike up, Rob came over to me and said well done you got 3rd place, I said don’t mess around, but he was right I had 3rd place. This is the first time anyone from the UK has got on the podium in a World Championships I was over the moon and could not understand what was going on.

The Time Trial is the best race to get on the podium, no one can sit on your wheel and do nothing, then pass you on the line.